Our Process

...Unique by Design

We at Integrity Web Creations feel it a priority that the client understand the process and procedures that are taken in the development cycle. There is a systematic routine that is take, that goes like this:

1. Requirements Gathering:

     The most important part of the entire project is Step 1. During this step our team collaborates with the client to lay out the guidelines and ultimate goal of the website.  This is img the opportune time to discuss website layouts, goal of the website, color schemes, company information, and most importantly building a professional, comfortable relationship.

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2. Analysis:

     After the requirements have been gathered, our team heads back to ground zero to study and better understand the business and the information presented. The team may come up with suggestions img and/or questions to either better understand or better enhance the development process and the end product. Understanding the business for which the site will represent is crucial to its success.

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3. Design phase:

This is the bulk of the development process. There are 3 phases to the development step.

A. Preliminary Design:

  • In this phase, design layouts and color schemes are finalized.
  • B. Phase 2 Design:

  • Images whether traditional, personal, or custom are selected, placed, and finalized along with the documents that the client would like linked within the website.
  • C. Phase 3 Design:

  • Verbiage is either provided or composed by the client, or if necessary, the development team.

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    4. Testing:

    Step 4 of the development process is testing. The site will be loaded for the client to view and try out along with members of the development team. Any and all small final changes can be made here before the project is considered closed.

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    5. Deployment:

    The deployment step is small but one of the favorites. During this step, all aspects img of the site are moved to “production” or “live”. Integrated fully into the World Wide Web.

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    6. Maintenance:

    A step that many companies fall short. We at Integrity Web Creations believe that no project is ever finished. img The web site is not perfect, and there is always room for improvement; hence our maintenance agreement. We offer to clients a signed agreement that allows clients to make changes to the website, whether monthly, weekly, or if necessary daily. 

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    We encourage the client to make any changes, suggestions, or ask as many questions as they feel necessary. Integrity Web Creations is community based company that thrives off satisfaction from satisfied customers. We want to provide professional services, and make the visions and dreams of a company website come true. We can’t do it alone, we need your help.

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